As Eyes of the World on Venezuela, be Smart About the News.

Today at dawn, Interim President of Venezuela, Juan Guaidó, shared a video of himself, flanked by soldiers, as he announced that a faction of the military had pledged their support to the interim government. “Brave soldiers, brave patriots, brave men have heeded our call.”

Guaidó also called for the Aid and Freedom Committees to become active and take to the streets. “May Day began today. The end of the usurpation starts today. We have the support of the people of Venezuela. Today, the armed forces are clearly on the side of the people and of the constitution.”

As we watch the news unfold, here are some important recommendations, courtesy of On The Media.

Here is one additional recommendation:

  1. Local/regional news outlets are usually better positioned to cover developing stories like this one than the big international news chains. The reason is proximity and well-established information networks among the population. Here’s a list