Knight Center’s Webinar Focuses on Nicaraguan Independent Journalism. Lack of International Coverage and Resources for Locals are a Problem.

The Knight Center for Journalism held a webinar, titled “Nicaraguan Journalism vs. Repression.” The webinar featured activist Tanya Amador and journalist Anibal Toruño. Amador decried the relative lack of international coverage about Nicaragua, and Toruño warned that Ortega might succeed…
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The OrMu Propaganda Machine – Part 1.

Nicaragua has been going through its most serious political crisis since April of 2018, when protests began in Managua, and violent government repression isn’t stopping or slowing down. As of June 19, over 200 people have died in violent clashes…
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With the Nazis in Germany (In memory of Jorge Gomondai)

Many years ago, in Dresden, a young African international student dropped off his white, German girlfriend after a date. He then took the streetcar back to his dorm. He never made it that far. Neo Nazis beat him up and…
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