#OcupaINSS vs #AmiNoMeEngañaLaDerecha: What Twitter data show (preliminary observations).

On June 17, 2013, a senior citizens’ organization occupied the main office of the Instituto Nicaraguense de Seguridad Social (INSS), Nuestros Adultos Mayores reciben hoy su BONO SOLIDARIO! #AmiNoMeEngañaLaDerecha — RED DE COMUNICADORES (@jscomunicadores) June 24, 2013 Topsy…
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#NBCFail and the new Heidi Game (updated)

I have been watching the olympics faithfully, but not on NBC. It’s one of the unexpected benefits of visiting my homeland, Nicaragua. Unlike NBC, our local licensee, Canal 10, is showing the London games live, and though their commercial breaks…
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