Dr. Minuscula’s list of Independent Nicaraguan Media (UPDATED)


Nicaraguan independent media is under siege, but the news is still being reported, in spite of all the efforts OrMu has put into silencing journalists. Here is a list of media organizations, journalists, and other public figures you should support, in no particular order.

This list is a work in progress and will be updated periodically.

Media organizations / Journalists

Confidencial (@confidencial_ni, Facebook, and YouTube)

Niu (@Revista_Niu and Facebook

Managua Furiosa (@ManaguaFuriosa, Facebook, and Instagram)

Nicaragua Investiga (@Nicaraguainvest, Facebook, and YouTube)

100%Noticias (@100noticiasni, Facebook, and YouTube)

Vos TV (@VOSTV, Facebook, and YouTube)

Canal 10 (@canal10nica, Facebook, and YouTube)

La Prensa (@laprensa, Facebook, and YouTube)

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Radio Corporacion (@Corporacion540, Facebook, and YouTube) – 

Articulo 66 ( and Facebook)  

International Journalists

Nicaraguan Public Figures and Organizations