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Anticipating OAS Permanent Council Meeting, Ortega-Murillo Government Excarcelates Fifty Political Prisoners

Fifty political prisoners were excarcelated this morning, announced the Ortega-Murillo Ministry of Governance via press release. The announcement came hours before a special meeting of the OAS Permanent Council, to discuss the situation in Nicaragua. The Ortega-Murillo negotiating team issued…
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Negotiations Reach Deadline Without Agreements on Justice and Democracy; Alianza Now Focusing on Compliance.

The Alianza Cívica and the OrMu negotiating teams failed to reach agreements on two of their agenda points, dealing with justice and democracy. “We discussed both issues, and each side presented proposals, but there were noticeable differences and we could…
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OrMu Proposal for Justice and Reparation Agreement Leaked. Police, judiciary, and Ministry of Health Among Entities Tasked with “Implementation”.

This morning, a government proposal addressing the reconciliation, justice, and reparations process in Nicaragua was leaked today. The document, titled Agreement on the Matter of Truth, Justice, Reparation, and Non Repetition, outlines the creation of a “system” to address these concerns. Esta…
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