Political Prisoners Stand Firm in Nicaragua’s Modelo Prison

Julio Montenegro tweeted earlier today, letting his 3,000 plus followers know that at least 100 political prisoners could be released, according to sources versed on the matter. Mr. Montenegro noted that the release could come as early as tomorrow. Currently, there are over 700 political prisoners in Nicaragua.

La Prensa was able to confirm the information. According to their reporting, the release orders were worded in the typical style of Rosario Murillo, that is to say, they were verbose and included references to peaceful coexistence and family unity:

Acting in harmony with the state policy that seeks the strengthening of family unity and peaceful coexistence in harmony, and taking into account that the case before us deals with a lesser offense, the benefit of ordinary house arrest is granted to the sanctioned individual…

The state policy that the order refers to is probably the Policy for a Culture of Peace and Reconciliation, which forms the basis of Law 985, the Law for a Culture of Dialogue, Reconciliation, Security, Work, and Peace.

After the news broke, relatives flocked to the Modelo Prison in Tipitapa, to wait.

It is highly unlikely that anyone will be released tonight. However, journalist Cristhel Jimenez, of Channel 12, reported that the young men housed in Gallery 16, who were granted house arrest, have refused to leave unless everyone is released. “The motto is EveryoneOrNoOne”, explained Jimenez, via Twitter.

The Comite Pro Liberacion de Presos Politicos confirmed the information, also via social media. “#EveryoneOrNoOne, say with enormous dignity our political prisoners. In jail, they resist the inhuman aggressions of the dictatorship. From the outside, we fight to achieve their freedom,” expressed the Committee.

As I stated earlier, there are over 700 political prisoners in Nicaragua currently. All of them must be released.

This is a developing story.