The Nica News Roundup, “mystery roadmap” edition, featuring Rosario Murillo (Feb 27)

In this edition:

Negotiation Agenda Remains a Closely Guarded Secret

The first day of the OrMu-Alianza negotiation concluded with a brief press conference, where both teams announced that they had settled on nine points, out of twelve that were proposed. Unfortunately, Mons. Waldemar Sommertag, who presided over the press conference, did not disclose what those nine points of agreement are. Journalist Wilmer Benavides, from Canal 12, added that no questions from the press were allowed either.

In other words, calling this a press conference is generous.

Reactions on social media varied from humorous, to outraged, particularly in view of the Alianza’s pledge to be transparent. In fact, they produced a very slick video, in the style of NowThis, to explain what people should expect on the first day of negotiations:

“In this first meeting, the agenda will be defined to ensure a transparent, effective, and concrete process.

Many questions will be resolved as we agree, in consensus, about methodology, timeline, mediators, witnesses, and guarantors.

This is the first step in any negotiation.

We expect an inclusive, serious, frank, and informed process.”

Several hours later, the Alianza released a press statement of their own, explaining that the full “roadmap” will be released, once everything is agreed upon. In other words, mum is the word until then.

The OrMu administration remains as tight lipped as always.


Rosario Murillo Sayeth, “It’s an Encounter”

While the independent media uses the words “dialogue” and “negotiation” interchangeably, the OrMu Propaganda Machine has opted for a verbose description. They call it “the encounter towards understanding and peace.”

This is Canal 4’s reporting on the first day

Canal 6, essentially says the same thing

And here is Canal 13, joining in with coverage of the Army’s press conference, where Colonel Alvaro Rivas, the Army’s head of PR, read a prepared statement expressing the Army’s support for “the transendental encounter” that began today.

And here is Barricada

I could keep going, but I think you get the drift. The entire operation is on message and in sync, using Rosario Murillo’s preferred phrasing. In today’s message, for example, she said that the government “is committed to the encounter that fortifies peace.”

In other words, it’s not a negotiation; it’s an encounter.

So sayeth La Chayo.