About Dr. Minuscula

Matthew Harrison Brady: I do not think about things I do not think about.

Henry Drummond: Do you ever think about things that you do think about?

(Inherit the Wind).

Dr. Minúscula began in 2009 as a blog about media, popular culture, and politics. Over the years, the blog has changed titles and focus. This latest incarnation is all about  Nicaragua, my homeland.

Since April 19, 2018, the country has been in crisis. Daniel Ortega, the erstwhile revolutionary, is now a dictator.

As a Nicaraguan citizen and a media scholar — I hold a Ph.D. in Media Studies — I write about the Nicaraguan crisis. I focus mostly on Ortega’s propaganda and attacks on press freedom, though I also comment on topics that might interest anyone seeking information about Nicaraguan current events, in English.

I am not an unbiased observer. However, I abide by the ethical and professional standards, derived from years of work in media studies teaching and scholarship. Here is what you can expect:

  1. I only post information that I can verify, using reliable sources.
  2. My preferred sources are Nicaraguan media outlets and journalists, government publications, researchers, and/or international organizations.  As a result, many of my sources are in Spanish. I translate the content myself. If you are bilingual, you can verify the quotes, as they are always linked.
  3. I do not engage in or condone doxxing people, because such a practice is unethical and dangerous. Only public figures should be identified by name.
  4. I correct and update posts if new information becomes available. I label amended posts appropriately and include an editorial note identifying the correction, if it is a factual error.

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