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Nica News Roundup (March 22): Piquetes Express Scheduled for Tomorrow, as Nicaraguans Await Prisoner Release

The Unidad Nacional Azul y Blanco (UNAB) has been encouraging various forms of protest, after staging #ALaCalle, Nicaragua’s first march since October. On Wednesday, UNAB asked Nicaraguans to join the “pitazo nacional” and the “cacerolazo nacional,” by honking their car…
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Nica News Roundup (March 11) – OrMu Negotiators get Stood Up, “Like the Bride from Tola” at the INCAE.

In this Edition OrMu’s Negotiators get Stood Up “Like the Bride from Tola” at the INCAE; On Political Prisoners, Organizations Demand Government Action; Yubrank Suazo Punished, After Defiant Act of Protest; OrMu Chides Alianza in Statement The Alianza Civica stuck…
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Nica News Roundup (March 10): Alianza Throws Down Gauntlet


After taking the weekend to consider their options, the Alianza Civica laid down the gauntlet: They will only return to the negotiation once “the Government of Nicaragua shows the country convincing proof of willingness to find solutions to the crisis,…
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Nica News Roundup (March 9): OrMu’s Position is Public

In this edition: OrMu Publishes Negotiation Agenda Proposal; Political Prisoners Stage Rooftop Protest; Peasant Movement Temporarily Withdraws from Alianza; OrMu Publishes Negotiation Agenda Proposal This morning, OrMu’s Ministry for Foreign Affairs issued an official statement, outlining the administration’s agenda proposal…
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