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Ortega-Murillo Government Reiterates its “Commitment” to Civil and Political Liberties through Massive Police Deployment prior to March honoring Eddy Montes

The ink on the government’s “Action Plan” evaporated from the paper it was printed on Sunday morning, when the Ortega-Murillo police deployed on Carretera Masaya, in response to the March for Freedom: Eddy Montes Presente!  Unidad Nacional Azul y Blanco called…
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Consumers and Businesses band Together in Successful 24-Hour Strike in Nicaragua. More Civil Disobedience to Come.

Cities and towns throughout Nicaragua appeared deserted on Thursday, as many Nicaraguans joined in a 24-hour work stoppage and consumer strike. According to José Adán Aguerri, of the Alianza Cívica, between 60 and 70% of Nicaraguan businesses closed their doors…
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Nica News Roundup (March 22): Piquetes Express Scheduled for Tomorrow, as Nicaraguans Await Prisoner Release

The Unidad Nacional Azul y Blanco (UNAB) has been encouraging various forms of protest, after staging #ALaCalle, Nicaragua’s first march since October. On Wednesday, UNAB asked Nicaraguans to join the “pitazo nacional” and the “cacerolazo nacional,” by honking their car…
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Nica News Roundup (March 15) – Nicaraguans Cheer Political Prisoners (UPDATED)

The transport of Nicaraguan political prisoners from the Modelo and the Esperanza correctional began this morning, when fifty prisoners of conscience were excarcelated. The OrMu administration agreed to excarcelate “an appreciable nucleus of people” on Friday March 15, according to…
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Nica News Roundup (March 10): Alianza Throws Down Gauntlet


After taking the weekend to consider their options, the Alianza Civica laid down the gauntlet: They will only return to the negotiation once “the Government of Nicaragua shows the country convincing proof of willingness to find solutions to the crisis,…
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