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Nica News Roundup (March 11) – OrMu Negotiators get Stood Up, “Like the Bride from Tola” at the INCAE.

In this Edition OrMu’s Negotiators get Stood Up “Like the Bride from Tola” at the INCAE; On Political Prisoners, Organizations Demand Government Action; Yubrank Suazo Punished, After Defiant Act of Protest; OrMu Chides Alianza in Statement The Alianza Civica stuck…
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Nica News Roundup (March 10): Alianza Throws Down Gauntlet


After taking the weekend to consider their options, the Alianza Civica laid down the gauntlet: They will only return to the negotiation once “the Government of Nicaragua shows the country convincing proof of willingness to find solutions to the crisis,…
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Nica News Roundup (March 9): OrMu’s Position is Public

In this edition: OrMu Publishes Negotiation Agenda Proposal; Political Prisoners Stage Rooftop Protest; Peasant Movement Temporarily Withdraws from Alianza; OrMu Publishes Negotiation Agenda Proposal This morning, OrMu’s Ministry for Foreign Affairs issued an official statement, outlining the administration’s agenda proposal…
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Nicaraguan Political Prisoners at La Esperanza Began a Hunger Strike on Feb 27

La Esperanza - Letter

Note: This letter was written by Nicaraguan political prisoners held at the Esperanza Women’s Prison. Edits for clarity and grammatical consistency are in brackets. Pg. 1 La Esperanza, Wednesday, February 27, 2019 The political prisoners in resistance, who have been…
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Nica News Roundup (Morning Update) – March 4

Day 320

In this edition Francisca Ramírez Ousted; FSLN Declared Winner in Caribbean Regional Election; No News About Brandon and Glen; Alianza Continues PR Campaign; Francisca Ramírez Out of the Movimiento Campesino After her video-taped statement was published on Despacho505 and all over social…
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Nica News Roundup (Morning Edition) – March 1

In this edition Nicaraguan Journalism Celebrated Today, While Journalists Remain Under Siege. Young Nicaraguans Protest Inside the UCA. Editorial Cartoonists Reflect on Press Freedom on National Journalists’ Day. Nicaragua has reached day 318 since the beginning of the crisis. Today…
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Nica News Roundup (Morning Edition), Featuring OrMu Cops

Alex Vanegas

In this Edition: OrMu Cops Harass Alex Vanegas, Again. Ortega Objects to International Guarantors.   On the second day of negotiations in Managua, here are the morning’s top stories. OrMu Cops Harass Alex Vanegas, Again. It wasn’t enough to imprison…
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The Nica News Roundup, “mystery roadmap” edition, featuring Rosario Murillo (Feb 27)

In this edition: Negotiation “Roadmap” Remains a Closely Guarded Secret; Rosario Murillo Sayeth, “It’s an Encounter.” Negotiation Agenda Remains a Closely Guarded Secret The first day of the OrMu-Alianza negotiation concluded with a brief press conference, where both teams announced…
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