#7Activado Triggers Massive Police Deployment in Managua

After the Ortega-Murillo administration retaliated against several pharmacies for joining the national strike, the Alianza Cívica and Unidad Nacional Azul y Blanco have dialed down their calls for civic protest. However, earlier this week, several Nicaraguan cyber activist accounts launched their own call, through the hashtag #7activado.

Tweets like the one below have been circulating since June 5. The typical call is for people to picket at pre-determined spots, starting at noon on June 7.

Some groups are also posting images like the one below. The “miguelitos” are meant to puncture tires of any vehicle that drives over them.

In response to #7activado, the police has staged another massive deployment in Managua. This contingent stationed itself at the Alexis Argüello rotunda.

Since the call for #7activado did not come from UNAB or the Alianza, local media like El Nuevo Diario appeared perplexed by the police deployment. The newspaper wrote that “as of this writing, the reason for the heightened police deployment is unknown. […] No social movement has called for protests.”

There are no reports of express picketing happening anywhere in Managua, most likely because of the police deployment. However, the fact that the #7activado triggered such a massive response demonstrates again that Nicaraguans live under a police state.